Day 16:

There honestly isn’t enough hours in the day! I keep running out of time to blog this!

Well, for starters on Monday I started to come down with a bad cold. Cough, sneezing, runny stuffy nose. Ick. But I made it to my 5:30am workout and as always I was glad I did! Tuesday I got to sleep in a little more which was good since I didn’t sleep well at all and if I only had a fever, I could have called out. But I didn’t and I went to work. But everything tastes funny/yucky. Even water. I struggle with the shakes and couldn’t even finish my turkey wrap at lunch and by dinner… forget about it. I had a shake at 6:15 and was in bed by 7:00pm. The alarm went off bright and early this morning though and again I dragged my sick a$$ to the gym and glad I did! I did cardo first which I did one other time. I really like it first. I don’t feelvlile I’m ready to fall over I did the whole 20 minutes with 45sec intervals of sprinting. And I didn’t even hold on during the jog. I think I’m getting used to running on the treadmill. Before I never felt like I could let go without shooting off the back!

My morning yogurt got pushed back today as did everything else and I didn’t even try a wrap. I have been seriously lacking in water consumption too. I struggled just to drink a little 16 oz plastic bottle throughout the whole day! Hopefully I will shake this cold soon and get back on track.


Oh, the other good news, I’m down 2.0 lbs at weigh in today!!!! That’s a total of 3.8lbs in 2 weeks!!

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Day 11:

Has it really been a week? How did I miss a whole week?! Things have been going great. Getting up this morning was hard but I did it and of course I was glad I did. I haven’t been feeling as sore.
And the best new to tell you today…
I’m DOWN 1.8 lbs!!

Dinner tonight is no longer Friday Pizza Night, but Friday Fish Night!! And I made asparagus for the first time it was delish!! Looking forward to trying new things for fish night!


Thanks for re reading!

Day Four:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a way to celebrate,  I got up at 4:45!  Met one of the new trainers who is starting so we had 2/4 ratio and it was nice. Today was upper body and i told em riggt from from the start to go easy on me! 30 minutes weight training,  and then the dreaded interval cardio. 3 minutes of fast walking jogging then 60 seconds of spriting, then cack to 3 minutes of jogging…. you get the idea- for 25 minutes! At about 10 minutes i didn’t think I would be able to do it. I was so sore and just didn’t think I could push myself that fast. But you know what?  I blinked away the fast approaching tears and said to myself. I would rather finish! So I slowed my speed down and didn’t run. But I finisbed!! And I felt good!! She mentioned I need to put a goal up on the wall for October, I think I might put ‘be able to move without cringing’ lol
No headache today and really looking forward to my free meal tonight!!

5:00: multigrain english muffin & 1 tbls peanut butter
5:30-6:30 workout
6:30: protein shake- studio brand
9:30: Dannon light n fit greek yogurt
12:15: 1/2 can tuna, 1/2 tlbs mayo, josephs flaxseed wrap, apple
3:00: celery, avacado hummas, cheese stick
6:00: 2 mozzarella sticks, 6 popato wedges
8:00: Moe’s Birthday Dinner

And lots and lots of water.

My arms feel good now but I have a feeling they will be sore by morning!


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Day Three:

Oh My God!! My thighs have never been SO SORE!!! So glad I didn’t have to go work out today!! And, even better I got to sleep in until alost 6:30! I do have to say I was tired and fell right to sleep last night. I was out cold! No tossing and turning like the night before. Hope tonight is just as good since the alarm is set for 4:50. Ugh! On my birthday no less!!  Moving was painful today, a tad sore all over, back and arms, but on my thighs!!! Going up stairs felt near impossible and even sitting to pee was a challenge!  Oh brother! What did I get myself into!! I can’t even imagine trying tobwork out tomorrow.  I do want to talk to them about blood sugar and look into if have some different snacks might help. Still have a headache from about 10:00am. I also have to find out about moving my lunch, 12:00 is just not working with my job.

6:30: multigrain english muffin & 1 tbls peanut butter, 1 egg, 1 egg whites
7:30: 8oz Almond milk, protein shake- body fortress-strawberry
10:15: Dannon light n fit greek strawberry
1:00: turkey wrap with lettus, apple
3:00:  Dannon light n fit greek, real rasberries, cheese stick
7:00: rotissary chicken cooked in crock pot, mixed veggies (carrots, broccoli,  water chestnut)
8:00: protein shake- body fortress- chocolate, 1 tbls peanut butter

And lots and lots of water.

I wonder if they will go easy on me tomorrow since it’s my birthday…

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Day Two:

Ugh!! It’s really dark at 5:00am… and today was super foggy! Got to the gym on time.  Met one of the new trainers and started my workout. 30 minutes weight training,  and I only made it about 18 minutes on the elliptical. I was ready to die. Was very weak feeling all day and started getting a headache.

5:00: multigrain english muffin & 1 tbls peanut butter
5:30-6:30 workout
6:30: protein shake- body fortress chocolate
8:45: Dannon light n fit greek yogurt
12:15: turkey wrap with lettus, apple
3:00: chobani greek-strawberry (ick), cheese stick
6:00: protein shake- body fortress strawberry
7:00: was supposed to have dinner but really had a headache and wasn’t feeling very good. I know I shouldn’t skip.

And lots and lots of water.

Thank god there’s no workout tomorrow-tired/sore!!!


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A new me!

I just spend a small fortune on joining a new gym. Well it’s not really a gym, its personal training… and a nutritionist… and a coach who will call you and check if you’ve been following your meal plan for the day.


This is what I need. I need someone to know what I’m doing and tell me to do it.


I am going to be logging what I do (eat/exercise) each day and try to make a great record of the progress I’ve made. Oh, and I’ll be posting my weigh-ins too!

Tuesday Day One:
5:00: wake up
6:30: 1 egg + 1 egg white scrambled,
One mulit-grain Thomas’s English muffin
1tbls natural peanut butter
7:30: 8 oz unsweetened Almond milk & 1 scoop Body Fortress Whey Powder -Strawberry
10:00: Dannon Light & Fit Greek – Pineapple
12:00: Joseph’s flax seed wrap, 3 slices Carolina skinless Turkey,  lettus, apple, string cheese
3:00: Oikos Greek yogurt – raspberry, string cheese
6:00: 8 oz unsweetened almond milk & 1 scoop body fortress whey powder- strawberry
6:45: 4 oz grilled chicken,  3/4 cup mix veggie (broccoli,  carrots, water chestnut.

Oh and lots and lots of water!!

Thanks for reading if you are still here! I hope you’ll join me on this journey to get back to my old size six size!!



Carrot and Banana Pupcakes

Personally I love to bake… the problem is, I also love to eat what I bake. So making 2 dozen cookies seems like a good idea, but then Matt and I end up eating them all in just a couple days. Not so good for my ever growing waistline.

So, what to do when that urge to bake hits? Whip up some Pupcakes for the dogs!

First, here are all the things you will need. It just so happened we had them all laying around the kitchen!

You have to shred the carrots and mash the bananas! This will leave your kitchen smelling great! And I’m sure by now if your pups are anything like Kylie, they will be right at your side!

(I mashed the banana after the picture. I think we can all agree that mashed banana isn’t as appealing in a photograph…)

Then you mix all the dry ingredients in one bowl and all the wet ingredients in another bowl like so:

The next step is you have to mix the wet stuff into the dry stuff real carefully.
(There are no pictures to this step because I wasn’t exactly careful and well, learn from my mistake, mix slowly! Haha!)

In the end, it should look like this!

yummmm- can you smell it?? Kylie was just BEGGING to get a lick in!

I can’t really blame her, it smells delish!!

Now, how to bake them? In the past we have done ‘cakes’ but this time we scooped them into the pupcake tin. Matt has tins that he loves- but they are GIGANTIC and the dogs can’t have a treat that big or else I will be paying the price later… if you know what I mean. So I went and dug around in the attic until I found these,

They are  perfect size! You might even be able to give your pooch 2 or 3 when they are that small!!

Into the oven you go little ones!

Now the hard part, the waiting…

I took the quick and easy way out for the ‘frosting’ and picked up some Whipped Cream Cheese and slapped a little on the top of each.

These were a huge hit with my pups and all the pups in the neighborhood!  What do you like to make for you or your dogs??

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– Ali

Review: The Flatbread Co. Portland, ME

Back in June, Matt, Kylie, Jimmy and I went on a “Mini” vacation up to Portland Maine. It was a chance to get out of town and try some new adventures. We had never gone away to a hotel with the dogs. Of course, traveling with dogs created the need to find dog friendly dining since we couldn’t leave the pups alone at the room. A quick search on and we got a quick list of local restaurants that allow dogs.

The Flatbread Co. is right along the the pier. A walk around brings you to the back patio dining, Dog Friendly! 🙂

We had a great view for our meal.

Jimmy spent most of his time hiding out under the table.

Kylie was keeping close.

We watched the boats going in and out while we waited for our food. We went on the later side, around 8:00pm and the deck area was pretty much empty- only one other couple who was finishing up. Our waitress was very slow/distracted but just kept apologizing when she did come out. She knew her menu but didn’t really listen when we said we already knew what we wanted and was kinda pushy. I had tucked my dogs on the far side of the long picnic table and I cautioned her the first time she came over that she shouldnt come to that side of the table… One of my dogs, Kylie, doesn’t like strangers. The very next time she walked out with our drinks she walked up behind my dog and basically stepped on her. My dog reacted only by barking but it’s frustrating since I had JUST said that she doesn’t like strangers. We were cold by the end of our meal and she still stood there trying to talk us into dessert. She forgot 2 times to bring our check out- again, cold and dark out now! The food was ok, not a huge fan of that kind of pizza.

If in Portland, ME and looking for a dog friendly place to grab a drink, you can check out the Flatbread Co.

72 Commercial Street
Old Port
Portland, ME, US 04101
(207) 772-8777

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A quick before and after


I had a lot of fun with an old set of dirty patio chairs from a friend!

First there was a good scrubbing with some soapy bleach water.

Then there was about 8 can’s of spray paint…

This Krylon Leather Brown paint worked great. I had been warned that painting these would be a bad idea since they had a chipping finish on them and the new paint would peal off like the old on the wicker. I have to say it went on very easily and smooth with minimal dripping. It did take a lot of cans to get full coverage but hopefully they will hold up and last a long time.

I would say they have come a long way, wouldn’t you?? I finished them off with a couple new cushions from Christmas Tree Shop for $15 each!

This ‘new’ set complement our back yard along the river nicely!!

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All reviews are my own. I purchased the products and am sharing my opinion of them.